Where can I find a biological dentist offering holistic dentistry?

Drs. Colby Eckland and Lee Zamos of Redmond Smiles in Redmond, Washington, provide holistic, biological care for patients, including mercury-free dentistry. This is because they understand the importance of treating not just the symptoms but also addressing the underlying causes of dental issues. Below are a few reasons why our team focuses heavily on holistic dentistry services for new and returning patients and families:

  • Overall health and wellness. One of the main reasons for working with a biological and holistic dental office is because it considers a patient’s overall health and well-being. Traditional dental practices often focus solely on fixing visible problems such as cavities or gum disease without considering how these issues may relate to a patient’s overall health. However, holistic dentistry takes into account the connection between one’s oral health and the rest of the body, promoting better overall wellness for patients.
  • Prevention rather than just treatment. Another aspect of holistic dentistry that sets it apart from traditional practices is its emphasis on prevention rather than just treatment. This means our team focuses on educating patients on proper oral hygiene, nutrition, and lifestyle choices that can positively impact their dental health. By preventing issues from developing in the first place, our patients can maintain strong and healthy teeth for longer periods.
  • The use of safe and natural materials. When it comes to treatments, holistic dentistry prioritizes using safe and natural materials over traditional methods that may contain harmful chemicals or toxins. This includes using mercury-free fillings, BPA-free sealants, and biocompatible materials for restorations, such as crowns or veneers. By choosing these options, we can ensure the overall health of our patients is not compromised by any materials used during treatment.
  • Personalized care. Holistic dentistry also focuses on customized care for each patient based on their unique needs and medical history. This allows our dedicated team to create a customized treatment plan that addresses any existing health conditions or potential concerns, ensuring the best possible outcome for each patient.

Are you seeking a holistic dentist near Redmond, Washington?

Our dental office is here to help with mercury-free dentistry, biological dentistry, and preventative care, all under one roof! Call our practice at (425) 584-1192 to request an appointment and get started with our team of professionals to achieve a healthier smile and body! Our practice is located at 15965 NE 85th Street, Suite #201, and is open to patients in the surrounding cities of Sammamish, Bellevue, Woodinville, and Kirkland, WA.