TMJ/TMD Therapy

What is TMJ/TMD, and how can TMD therapy help?

At Redmond Smiles, Drs. Colby Eckland and Lee Zamos of the Redmond, Washington area work routinely with patients who have been diagnosed with temporomandibular joint dysfunction conditions. In addition to diagnosing the issue, they also provide solutions and treatment with TMJ/TMD therapy.

What is TMJ/TMD?

TMJ and TMD stand for temporomandibular joint and temporomandibular joint disorder, respectively, and are commonly related to the dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. This joint connects the lower jaw to the skull, allowing for movements such as talking, chewing, and yawning. When this joint is not functioning at its best, it can cause a variety of symptoms known as temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD.

What are the signs of temporomandibular joint dysfunction?

Some of the more typical symptoms of TMJ/TMD include:

  • Pain or discomfort in the TMJ jaw joint area
  • Difficulty opening or closing the mouth
  • Clicking, popping, or even grinding sounds in the jaw joint
  • Headaches and earaches
  • Facial pain and muscle spasms
  • Difficulty chewing or biting
  • Locking of the jaw joint

What causes TMJ/TMD to develop in one patient but not another?

There is no specific cause for conditions like TMJ/TMD; rather, it is a combination of factors that can contribute to its development. Some of these factors include genetics, arthritis, injury or trauma to the joint, teeth grinding or clenching, stress and anxiety, poor posture, and lack of sleep. It is important to note that TMJ/TMD can develop in any patient, regardless of age or gender.

What can be done about temporomandibular joint dysfunction?

Our team can not only provide a diagnosis of the condition but can also recommend specific treatment options. Our doctors may recommend anything from physical therapy for TMD to dental appliances for TMJ. These solutions have been tried and tested and provide results for many of our patients struggling with these conditions.

How do I find a treatment that is right for me?

Connecting with our team at Redmond Smiles is the first step in the right direction! Call (425) 584-1192 to request an appointment with Drs. Colby Eckland and Lee Zamos of Redmond Smiles. The office is located at 15965 NE 85th Street, Suite #201, and is open to patients in and around Bellevue, Woodinville, Sammamish, and Kirkland, WA.